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For oh so many years I struggled with my body. I saw it as an enemy, as a failure, as something that would never, maybe COULD never, be what I wanted it to be. It would always be a problem, a hindrance. My relationship with my body was the worst one in my life (and given my twenties, that’s saying a lot). I sniped at myself constantly and my relief from that was when I moved towards NOT looking in the mirror at all. The only way to silence the inner critic was to not give her anything to talk about.

I didn’t know that there’s no way to hate your body and not take that on as a hurt to your soul. There’s no way to punish yourself into feeling better. There’s only learning to love yourself and then educating yourself with knowledge about food, about how YOUR body feels, and about what your stumbling blocks are and how to get around them.

I have learned, over the past few years, that I don’t have to hate my body to change it. I’ve learned, in fact, that LOVE is the way to change my body without it feeling like torture, a struggle, a battle. Love is the way to feel free about and in my body, something I NEVER thought would happen. Love is the way not only to find and maintain my ideal weight, but to make the rest of my life shine with possibility and fulfillment. I feel amazing. I’ve reached my natural body weight, but I felt great about myself before that even happened. I became a Susan Hyatt BARE Certified Weight Coach so I could help others learn the same sweet lesson. When you free your body from the chains of self-hate, you also free yourself to explore what you really want to do, who you really want to be, how you want to live in this body on this earth.

Slide1My Free Your Body Programs are designed to help you do just that. I want you to love that body, to free it (and yourself) from all of the negativity, to help your body feel physically great, and to help you change it. I want this whole issue of your body to become a non-issue so you can get on with the rest of your amazing life.


What Will Be Different For You?

You will have the tools to free yourself from the burden of body hate.

You will be learn freedom with food as you let your body help you sort out what works for you what feels good rather than struggling with deprivation.

You will be freed from spending all of your time thinking about, planning, and scolding yourself about food.

You will be free to add pleasure and peace to your everyday life.

You will be free to lose the weight that you’ve been using as a shield, a comfort, or as proof that you’re not good enough.

You’ll be free to think that you’re actually kind of amazing.

You’ll be free to move your body with confidence and joy.

You’ll be free to build and live a life that you love.

If you’re ready to live a life you love in a body you cherish, jump on over to choose the program that’s right for you!