Slide1I’m so excited that you’ve decided to take this step. You’re going to be so glad you did. Please read through the program descriptions to see which one sounds like you. Hit that button and we’ll get started!

The Body Breakthrough 

The Body Breakthrough is an opportunity to explore your relationship with your body. We can dig into why you struggle to lose weight. We can investigate why you have a negative opinion about your body. We can sort out what the biggest obstacle is in you really feeling better in your own skin. We’ll talk and do some coaching to get you on your way to a new level of self-love, self-care, and and self-acceptance. After our 1.5 hour phone call, I’ll send you a writeup of our call that includes tools that you can use to tackle your challenges. We’ll have a super focused 20 minute follow up phone call after two weeks to discuss how everything’s going. The investment for The Body Breakthrough is $199. Enrollment for The Body Breakthrough is open and rolling.


BARE Body Love 

This 14 week program focuses on the mental game behind body love, self-esteem, and weight loss. Clients who complete the BARE Body Love Program will find themselves able to actually feel good about themselves AND their bodies, even if they still want to change things. Participants will discover how to change the way that they think so that they can change the way that they feel forever. Emotional eating will become a thing of the past. Avoiding the mirror will become yesterday’s trick. Dressing in sacks to hide yourself will be over. You will be ready to stop hiding and love your body and your life. And that’s when the magic really starts. Losing weight is so much easier when you come at it with self-love and commitment rather than deprivation and discipline. The investment for the BARE Body Love program is $849 for 7 individual coaching sessions over a 14 week period.



Eating for Weight Loss

This 7 week program introduces participants to the most current scientific research on food and diet. Participants learn how to eat so that cravings disappear, appetites diminish, and hunger can actually be satisfied. The never-ending battle with food and all of the obsessing that goes with it will be a thing of the past as you finally figure out what and how to eat so that you CAN absolutely reach and maintain your natural weight. The investment for Eating for Weight Loss is $769 for 6 coaching sessions over a 7 week period.

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Free From Fat

This is a deep dive 6 month program. You will come away with body love like you’ve NEVER experienced, insight into your relationship and patterns with food, and invaluable strategies for building the life you want in a way that lets you feel GREAT about who you are today AND who you become as you lose the weight. You’ll add pleasure to your days, reduce your stress in ways you hadn’t even considered, and learn about how foods impact not just your waistline but your mood, your stress level, your metabolism, and your appetite. When you finish Free From Fat, you will feel free from the pictures of the body you “should” have and empowered to change the body you love. You will be free from the inner critic that’s been torturing you for as long as you can remember and ready to live a life, in a body, that you love. It’s all just 14 conversations away. The investment for Free From Fat is $1579, payable in installments (after a deposit) for the first 3 months of the program.