julia-5496You probably think life editing means cutting things out. That may be part of it, but editing is a much deeper process than simply cutting things out. When I worked as a professional editor, the very first task that I did was to ensure that I understood what the goal of that piece was, what the writer was hoping to accomplish. What is the fundamental purpose of the work? With a deep understanding of the answers to those questions, editing both adds to the piece where necessary, makes tweaks to what’s very nearly right, and sheds that which doesn’t serve the purpose. When we edit a piece this way, it becomes strong; it becomes focused. It shines because it is at its best.

Life editing works the same way. We begin with the goal. What is it that you are trying to accomplish? What is your purpose? What are your values? What kind of life do you hope to live? What’s getting in your way? These can be tough questions, but working through them takes us to the place where decisions about what to add and what to shed are so much simpler. With a clear sense of purpose, we can work together to ensure that your choices and actions align with that greater purpose, with your goals, with your desires. You may add new habits, new hobbies, new ventures. You will shed old safety nets, old patterns, and old limiting beliefs. You will become stronger. You will become more focused. You will know what you want and you will develop a powerful plan to claim it. You will have the skills and the drive to build the life that you actually desire. You will shine as you claim your best self.