images“We all need a lighthouse for our own

It gets so dark I can’t see which way I’m going
Oh lighthouse man I’m all at sea

Shine a little lighthouse light on me.”

A little imagery from Australian phenom The Waifs. The funny thing for me about this song is that, as so often happens, I got the words wrong and made the analogy of the song so much more powerful (well, for me anyway). In MY version of this really great song, the third line here is: “Oh lighthouse man I’m all I see…”

In my version the water is somewhat secondary because it could be anything. It’s not just that I’m lost. The water, the storm, the sun, the dolphins swimming are irrelevant because all I can see is myself and the stories I’ve got going in my head. Stories about old hurts, stories about my worth, stories about what I can’t ever do, have, or be. Lighthouse man I’m all I see, shine a little lighthouse light on me.

Lighthouse man remind me that my stories are just that, stories: versions of my life, my choices, my circumstances that I’ve created and held on to, sometimes even for very good reasons. Lighthouse man let me see the water, the life all around me that continues as I get caught in the stories in my head. Let me see the possibility and the wonders that already exist so I remember that I, too, am part of that limitless potential. Let me see my own size relative to the sea, the horizon, the vast starry sky so I remember that this moment is but one and I will miss it if I spend it mired in the muck of my old self.

Lighthouse man help me understand how to shine my own light, so that in times of darkness and trouble I can remind myself that the world is full of beauty and I, and all of my stories, are in it, but just a part of it. So I can always remind myself that there is so much more.

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