FullSizeRender-16I promise I haven’t lost my mind completely. It’s just that I have honestly never really bought into January 1st as the beginning of the new year. Yeah, yeah, calendar shmalendar. For me, the new year has ALWAYS started in the fall, well late summer technically, and has always come with freshly sharpened pencils.

I think I can make a good case for seeing late summer or early fall as the beginning of the year. Summer is dying down. If you were lucky, there was some kind of vacation or break. Chances are good there were at least some cookouts and tasty beverages. Clothes were more casual and water sports happened. It was play time, at least in some way for some amount of time. And now? Now it’s time to reel it back in a little, put on a little more clothing, sharpen our pencils and set some new goals!

Fall gives us beautiful skies to raise our vision, sweaters to nurture our incubating dreams, and plenty of time to practice new thoughts and new skills before we hit days of decreasing light. A much better time to start new pursuits than in the wicked dark of January, if you ask me.

In honor of the seasonal change, and as a salute to all my teacher friends, I’m offering a New Year Package.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

What’s in a New Year Package?

  • 3 coaching sessions that focus specifically on drilling down to your desires and goals. What is it that you REALLY want right now? What are the obstacles in the way? ($300 value)
  • 1 coaching/instructional session that focuses on learning how to plan for success ($100 value)
  • 3 follow up coaching calls for accountability, support, and obstacle reducing magic ($300 value)
  • weekly support via e-mail ($100 value)
  • written materials to help you with identifying your goals, desires, and the obstacles in the way ($10 value)
  • written examples for planning procedures that make success far more certain ($10 value)
  • tools for identifying and addressing obstacles on your own (priceless)

What does the New Year Package do for you?

  • turns your dreams and goals into a plan
  • teaches you to plan for success
  • turns you into an obstacle dissolving guru

Wow! Sounds pretty good right? What is all of this going to cost you?

$820? Oh heck no. This fab New Year Package is just $400.00

How do you get started? Just click this little old button right here.