BARE is not a diet. In fact BARE coaches have absolutely no interest in you being on, learning about, or thinking about diets. The BARE method is a total lifestyle change built on a foundation of self love and a progression of steps that show you how to move through your day – and feel your feelings – without “needing” the numbing, protective shield that overeating can provide.

You’ll infuse your life with new experiences, reconnect with your dreams and start leading the life you really want, now, instead of postponing your dreams until “someday later” when your body is “perfect.”

BARE is NOT easy. We don’t do all the work for you. Getting BARE requires facing the thoughts that keep you stuck where you are. Getting BARE requires getting to know yourself. Getting BARE requires facing the part of yourself that you are trying to hide. It is work, but it’s work that changes you in ways that measuring, counting, and physically punishing yourself NEVER will. The BARE method is work that ends the war with your body. It’s work that stops the calorie adding, obsessing, comparing.

With BARE, instead of working to learn and master a diet that you really can’t realistically follow for more than a couple of months, you work to learn to manage your emotions without turning to food for comfort, numbing, support or entertainment. You’ll learn how to find sources of pleasure and excitement that are not food-related. You’ll learn how to cultivate more love and respect for your body, even if you are not currently living at your natural weight yet. You will learn how to tune into your body’s natural signals of hunger and fullness so you understand when to start and stop eating, leaving meals feeling energized not sluggish.

Your body will breathe a sigh of relief and will stop fighting back. Your body will learn to trust you as you learn to listen to and trust it. You have it all in there. Everything you need to feel better is already in there. Let me help you learn to listen. Let’s do this thing.