As women, we’re taught that we’re “unworthy” unless we look a certain way—or fit into a certain dress size. We’re taught that we need to “shrink” ourselves in order to be loved. We’re taught to postpone our lives until “someday later, when I’m skinnier.” We starve, restrict, and spend countless hours obsessing over our bodies. It’s such a destructive pattern—and it’s a huge waste of our lives.

The BARE™ Process is an invitation to stop the negativity and start a new chapter. A new relationship with your body—one that’s based in love, respect, and appreciation—not cruelty.

Working with Julia will help you to…

– Stop the yo-yo cycle of dieting/restricting/starving and overeating.

– Feel sexier and more confident in your skin, regardless of your current size.

– Bring more pleasure and beauty into your daily routine and upgrade your quality of life—which means lower stress levels, better sleep, and more energy every day.

– Harness your feminine power, seize each day, and build tons of momentum and mental clarity… so you can tackle your goals and take on the world.

BARE™ coaching is confidential, supportive, and uplifting. You’ll leave every coaching session feeling inspired to take excellent care of your body—and live your boldest, most courageous life!

One on One BARE Coaching

The individual BARE coaching package includes seven 50 minute sessions of one-on-one coaching. During these sessions, we’ll explore ideas, habits, thought patterns, and decisions that are holding you back. We’ll play with new ideas, visions, activities, and decisions that will fill you up and make life more pleasurable and more satisfying. We’ll get to the root of issues with food and body image and kick that stuff to the side of the road so you can get on with your real journey. You’ll get BARE, and you’ll love it. The investment for one-on-one coaching is $429. If you have some questions, please do give me a shout.


BARE Groups

BARE groups combine group tele-classes and individual coaching sessions.  During the 7 tele-classes we’ll explore the concepts of the BARE program, check in with each other, do a little coaching about where we’re headed or what’s holding us back, and get square with our plans for the coming week. We’ll offer each other support and congratulations. We’ll laugh together and hold each others’ hands, well, you know, kind of over the phone. Participants will also have 3 one-on-one coaching sessions during the program. BARE group participants will have access to a group Facebook page where they can share successes and struggles and get support and feedback from their classmates and from me. All calls will be recorded, so if you can’t make a class, you will still get to be there with the recording. The next BARE group will begin September 21 at 7 pm Eastern (by phone) and meet for a total of 7 weeks. Registration is open until September 18. The investment for BARE group coaching is $359.


Forever BARE

Forever BARE is a program designed to provide continued support and growth for BARE graduates. Forever BARE supports participants in making the new, healthier and loving thoughts and actions of the BARE program a regular and consistent part of everyday life. Read more about Forever BARE here.