candle-lantern-light-63507I have recently added to my morning routine. I read something inspirational, usually something with some kind of spiritual bent, and then I sit with it for a minute. Because I think better when I’m writing, I then write about it in a journal I bought just for this purpose (which is drop dead gorgeous and I love to see on my stack). And so now, in an act of complete spiritual vulnerability and universal trust, I’ve decided to share some of these with you. Soulfull Sunday Musings starts now.

My current reading is in a book by Iyanla Vanzant. The premise for this piece is hers.

If I am filled with good, with faith, with light…

If I am filled with the truth of my being which is enduring, dynamic, and divine…


My mistakes are honest, well-intended, and are forgiven.

My security, at the fundamental soul-level, is assured.

My gifts are healing and profound.

I am exactly as I ought to be in every moment.

I am myself a gift from the divine to people around me who are gifts from the divine to me.

New stories to write on my heart.

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