It is so so so doggone easy to get into a habit.

A habit of turning on the radio or TV when you get in the car or enter a certain room;

A habit of leaving a dirty dish on the counter instead of in the dishwasher so it can call of its friends to join it over time as others see what a good idea you’ve had;

A habit of waiting for a break in the conversation to give your response;

A habit of making sure everyone else has clean underwear without checking your own drawers (see what I did there… drawers… sometimes I crack myself up);

A habit of saying: “No, it’s fine, I’ll get [do, make, clean, carry, fix] it”;

A habit of thinking: “I’ll do that as soon as _______”;

A habit of caring for others instead of yourself;

A habit of ALWAYS thinking;

A habit of filling up all of the spaces with information, sounds, stories, words, entertainment;

slide1A habit of being the last in line;

A habit of going to bed last and getting up first;

A habit of saying yes when you mean no;

A habit of eating the leftovers nobody else wants;

A habit of carrying all of the bags in at the same time rather than asking for help;

A habit of giving up before it actually becomes an argument;

A habit of dressing for function not form and assuming you could never have both;

A habit of being satisfied with not bad;

A habit of shrinking when the voices get loud;

A habit of hiding when it’s time to dance.

I implore you, do something different. The world needs you at your real size, at full volume, on the dance floor, on the street, at the podium, at the lectern, on the phone call, in the studio, at the microphone, on the bullhorn, at your laptop doing YOUR thing. There is nobody else like you. We need what you have inside. If you don’t bring it, where on earth will we get it? Do something different. See how that feels. Call me and tell me about it, put it on my FB page, or tell me why you think you can’t 240-367-9730. I can help.


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