I’ve been telling my Facebook followers that I couldn’t wait much longer to start talking about Glennon Doyle Melton’s Love Warrior.  I did want to wait, though. I wanted to wait to give people a chance to read it themselves and I wanted to let it sink in after I read it. This book is so dense with humanity and wisdom that there’s a lot to take in. I considered doing a giant post on all the lessons in the book and decided that it would not do justice to either the book or to you. These lessons are rich and packed with meaning, not to be discussed in a sentence or two.

So instead, today I just want to sit with one idea, one quote from this book. It’s a dilly.

slide-1 In this part of the memoir, Glennon Doyle Melton is coming to terms with an unexpected pregnancy, a reality for which she feels completely unprepared and of which she is certain she is not worthy. She experiences a turn, a shift, and makes a decision to believe something new. Her new beliefs, her new thoughts about herself and God and the universe led her down a new path. She explains: “I will stop deeming myself unworthy of invitations and trust the inviter. I will test out the ridiculous, nonsensical possibility that somehow, in some way I can’t yet see, I will rise to meet this call.”

This sentence stopped me in my tracks.

What if the invitations we get all day long, every day, only came to us because they were actually for us, just as we are, without further preparation, without any training, without mental gymnastics?

What if opportunities arise exactly because we are worthy of them?

What if we actually will rise to meet that call?

What if the only thing making you feel like you can’t take that next step, do that big thing, pursue that secret desire is you? What if you are completely worthy and ready and luminous and extraordinary and that’s why the invitations appear in your secret desires, your wonderings, passing comments from friends, and in daydreams about “if only.” What if being you was not only enough, but perfect?

How different would your days be?

slide1How different would your days be if you knew that you are worthy?

How different would your days be if you started accepting those invitations, the concrete obvious ones and the ones that come whispering in under the door?

What would happen if you set down your resistance to all of this and just sat with the idea of deciding to deem yourself “worthy of invitations and trust the inviter?”

Let’s try it. Maybe all of those invitations really are meant for you.

If you need some help hearing those invitations, let me know. I can help.


  1. So very true! I’ve been in the same place as far as thinking about the invitations that I am noticing/ignoring and how my own perception is more often than not – the piece that trips me up. (I am reading Love Warrior right now and am loving it!)

  2. We certainly can do more than we ever dreamed possible with God’s help. I think sometimes He doesn’t show us too much at a time, because we’d freak out, but if we follow Him one day at a time, He will get us there. Thanks for sharing.

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