Dear Overworked, Overwhelmed Human

DearHumanI love you.
They love you.
We love your overdue library books.
We love your late to lunch.
We love your last minute projects.
We love your go cup.
We love your super stacked schedule.
We love your super full bag.
We love your near breathless “Hello” on the phone.
We love your determination.
We love your hustle bustle out the door.
We love your packaged snacks.
We love your chipped nail polish.
We love your unwalked dog.
We love your carry out dinner.
We love your motion.
We love your drive.
We love your painful heels.
We love your too hot jacket.
We love your sore feet.
We love your generosity.
We love your handshake.
We love your forgotten lunch.
We love your forgotten appointment.
We love your overdue haircut.
We love your smile.
We love your song that makes you move.
We love your unread signed forms.
We love your honking horn, your curse words, and your traffic jam.
We love your drink at the end of the day.
We love your slapdash dinner.
We love your dumb TV show.
We love your book on the nightstand.
We love all the balls you catch AND the ones you drop.
We love your dear sweet overburdened self.

WeLoveYouWhat feelings and thoughts would you have room for if you set aside all the judgments?

Would you notice how awesome you were even though things didn’t go perfectly?

Would you notice how much of your day you spend doing something you hate? What would noticing that do to you?

Would you have to admit that you’re exhausted and you’re afraid it will never change?

Would you have to admit that adulting is nothing like what you expected? Would you have to admit that you have some control over that?

What would you have time to notice if you stopped noticing every chipped nail, every bumbled interchange, every moment of imperfection?

We love you. You are safe. What’s in there?




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