I am currently developing a program specific to the challenges that teens and young adults face. Having taught high school, and having struggled myself during the teen years, I am all too familiar with the difficulties that this time can present. What can life coaching do for you or for your young adult? Life coaching can help unlock the thoughts that create choices, the ideas behind feelings, and can teach tools to change both thoughts and feelings which can change EVERYTHING. Learning the tools to actively choose our thoughts and feelings creates confidence, motivation, a clearer sense of self, and –  for many young people – a sense of possibility that can be hard to hold on to during these years. With the guidance of a life coach, a teen or young adult can begin to see, appreciate, and make the most of their best qualities and begin to consciously make choices that lead to the future they desire. I’d love to chat with you or the young person in your life to see if there’s any way I can be of service to them. Drop me a line so we can connect.