Start Soft – For a Truer, Deeper and More Free New Year

As the holiday season marches forward I see the signs of folks preparing for 2019.

And I feel that urge myself, to look forward, to begin to set goals, to buy that new planner, to reach for the stars and get down to the hustle to get there…

Okay, that was a total lie. I don’t feel that urge AT. ALL.

Rather what I think I’m feeling is this sense that I OUGHT to be doing all of that, that I OUGHT to be figuring out what the next big goal is, that I OUGHT to be planning, preparing to hustle, being a boss babe, bringing home that bacon AND frying it up in my Instant-Pot. Okay, gross, as was the ad that referred to (if you are too young to remember the Enjoli ad from the 70s, you are fortunate indeed).

There’s this sense that this change of calendar year calls us to evaluate, and commit, and get cracking.

I’m not buying it, and I’m guessing maybe some of you just aren’t feeling it either.

It doesn’t mean we’re lazy. It doesn’t mean we don’t have goals. It doesn’t even mean we’re complacent.

It MAY mean that the hustle and jive simply doesn’t appeal or that we’ve had enough of the hustle and jive and sense that maybe something deeper is called for.

adult-blur-close-up-287221In addition to the weather that I confess is not my favorite, winter offers opportunity. It offers long, quiet hours. It offers time when it feels natural and sensible to stay inside, to hunker down, to turn inward.

I’ve done quite a lot of turning inward over the last many years, and each time I do, the growth and change that comes from that place is profound, satisfying, and often far more long-lasting than any change I managed to start with a flow chart and a planner.

Don’t get me wrong. Those are great tools, For me, they aren’t the right tools for starting the job. They are hard tools, and the tools I want to offer are soft.

Soft Start begins with the opportunities the season naturally affords us. It begins internally. It begins with a deep dive into what you want and what is meant for you in the coming year. It begins with the core of who you are to give you a haven of grounded authenticity from which to plan and choose your course for the coming year, a year full of opportunity for you to live deeper, truer, and more free.

Come, Start Soft with me. Schedule a Discovery Call today to see if we’re a great fit.

Start Soft is a 3 month one-on-one coaching program designed to help you begin the new year with clarity, with deep connection, and with goals that reflect your deepest desires. Clients who participate will receive course materials, written feedback, and 6 coaching sessions specifically designed for deep growth and sustainable forward motion. The total investment for Start Soft is $600. Clients may pay in total at the outset, or in monthly increments of $200.

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