Slide1Being self-employed can be tough. Being an entrepreneur can be tougher. There are so many great role models out there, and sometimes seeing their success can really inspire us to create a practice that works for us… But sometimes, seeing those successful folks just makes us ask ourselves all kinds of uncomfortable questions, like:

  • How did she EVER put together such a great offer?
  • How did she get so many clients?
  • How can I ever compete with people who have it so together?
  • What do I have to offer that can possibly stand up to that?
  • What was I thinking?

When we let all of that discomfort marinate in our minds we tend to get REALLY busy. We attend trainings. We look for advice and guidance from business coaches, books, webinars, new mentors. We implement new suggestions and imitate the people that seem the most together. We seek nourishment from any other human who seems to be making it work and forget about the nourishment within. We twist and turn and bend to make ourselves into a version of us that will make money. And when we start to do that, we lose sight of what started this whole beautiful gamble in the first place.

The truth is, and you know it when you can get the scared inside of you to settle, is that you DO have something to offer – something that is uniquely yours. You may not know what to call it. You may not know exactly what it looks like, but it’s in there. And that thing that’s in you, that’s uniquely yours – that is your ticket. THAT is what this world needs.

I want to help you make it real.

I want to help you put together an empowered signature program so you can stop stop busying yourself with someone else’s sales strategy and start putting your magic out into the world, giving your clients amazing results, and giving yourself the opportunity to grow and shine.

Who am I to do this for you? I am a life coach. I’m a life coach and spiritual guide who was a public school teacher, a curriculum writer, a lesson planner, a textbook writer, and professional educational editor. And I realized one day that a lot of folks don’t know that there are processes that you can follow to create a program. There are simple and effective tools you can use to figure out how to create programs to help your clients change their lives. Finding those tools is only half of the battle though. Learning to use them well requires guided practice, and a guide who can help you overcome the other obstacles to your growth.

I’ve been there.  I can share “what works,” work through these processes and tools with you, and coach you past all of the reasons you can come up with about why you can’t possibly have your own signature program, why you can’t be successful, why you should keep everything just as it is. I can put you back in touch with your deepest, most connected roots so that you can tap into each step of your own completely individual marketing strategy. It CAN be different, and I really want to show you how.

The Goal: you finish our work together with an empowered signature program that is infused with your gifts, that is in total alignment with who you are and what you believe, and that you will be excited to share with the world. Why? Because that’s the kind of program that feels easy to market and that will bring out the kind of magic we need in the world.

If you’re ready to start putting that program together today, let’s hop on a discovery call so we can chat, get to know each other, and I can answer any questions you have.


If you’re a bit of a fact finder, and need some more details, I feel you. So let me lay that out for you.

The process that I lead people through in Empowered Signature Programs is a combination of teaching processes, tools and strategies, and straight-up life and spirit coaching.

We’ll cover all of these big bases in 6 super-targeted sessions. Some sessions will focus on building the foundations of your program and then developing the details from your core desires, your biggest dreams for your clients, and a clear understanding of who you are as a practitioner. We will tap into your gifts, your calling, and your internal guidance to ground you firmly in what you are here to give. Together we will walk through a process that will help you create a signature program that comes directly from what you’ve got that makes you special. AND we’ll be sure you understand that process so you can do it again in the future. We’ll wrap up our time together with practice marketing your new program so you can be ready to hit the ground running with confidence and enthusiasm.

Six connected and productive sessions. Six weeks of homework and revelation. Six weeks to confidence and progress.  Six weeks to change your business and your life. $550. 


What people are saying about Empowered Signature Programs:

“Right from the start, Julia was able to uncover 4 different blocks I have been experiencing. We really dove deep into those blocks during our second session. What was so unique about the experience was how well Julia was able to hold the space for me to explore these blocks. It was really a very gentle process and forgiving process. Julia had the ability to pick up on exactly what was standing in my way of moving forward and then help me explore those blocks so I could move on from them.”

“Working with Julia has helped me to uncover some major mindset blocks that were keeping me from moving forward with a signature program. Now, I can actually feel like I’m an expert and that I’m capable of delivering a valuable program to my clients.”

“Before it was all a jumbled mess of ideas in my head. Now, I actually know what I’ll be covering in my program and how I’ll best deliver results, whether it’s a specific type of coaching or a handout or video.”

“I leave the sessions feeling excited and energized that I am on the path to implementing my program.”

“I didn’t think I could create a program – now I know I can.”

“This work has opened me up, unlocked my ideas.”

“I have a sense of my own mastery now and it has given me the confidence to charge based on the value of what I’m offering instead of by the hour.”