Feeling overwhelmed?

Find yourself withdrawing from situations because everything is starting to feel like too much?

Feeling extra sensitive and raw?

Finding it difficult to complete tasks because there’s a lot of internal chatter?

Having a hard time deciding what is most important and what needs doing NOW?

Feel like you have more than can possibly ever be done?

Worried about holiday events/planning/family get togethers?

ohhhinoverwhelmLet me help you find the Ohhh in Overwhelm. I swear it’s possible; it’s been my own personal mission for the last couple of years. I’ve done things in the last year that I never thought possible. I’ve done things that were possible in the past in a way that made them actually enjoyable. I’ve walked into situations that in the past would have had me tidying the outside and arguing with myself internally. I’ve done it differently. I’ve found the Ohhh in my Overwhelm. There are some critical elements to that Ohhh, and I’d like to share them with you in this fabulous program.

Peace – You will learn tools to help you find internal peace when everything around you is anything but peaceful. You will recognize your own triggers. You will recognize your own patterns. You will learn how to stop old mental habits midstream and apply the balm of internal peace.

Task Mastery – You will gain tools to make your to do list to do-able. When you look at that list, there are so many ways to make it smaller and far more satisfying. You will become more focused and productive.

Boundaries – You will identify your goals and values and acknowledge the ways that your goals and boundaries are not being honored.You will learn how to build boundaries like a boss. You will learn how to protect your values, your goals, and your daily schedule to prevent overwhelm from sheer overload.

Finding the Ohhh in Overwhelm will help you learn these skills by providing you with:

  • 6 individual coaching sessions,
  • weekly e-mail check-ins during your program,
  • invitational homework that will help you defeat your overwhelm, make the plan that YOU want do-able, and develop strategies for protecting what’s most important to you.

The total investment for claiming your zen and getting down to what matters most is only $250.  If that sounds like the best possible holiday gift you could give yourself,  give me a jingle (240-367-9730) or drop me a line (julia@juliajones.com) so we can get started. Read more about working with me here.