Are You Close to Ready?

Slide1Yesterday I got an e-mail from the choir director at church, reminding us that the children’s choir would be performing, giving details about when kids needed to be there, and with a youtube link of the song being performed by another children’s choir (she’s so smart). I reminded my daughter that they were singing this morning and she said: “Mom, I’m not even CLOSE to ready!” I dutifully retrieved the e-mail, pulled up the youtube and sent her on her way to prepare. She emerged 20 minutes later, confidence restored, saying she thinks she even remembers all the words now.

I thought more about this interaction later and I just love it for a couple of reasons. First of all there was a lot of drama in her reaction, which I tried very hard not to find humor in. Secondly she said it just the way I would, hands out, horror face. And finally, the part that struck me later: the realistic goal. Continue reading