Ten years can change everything. Ten short (long) years ago I was a stay at home Mom to twins, trying to figure out when it would be the right time to go back to work in a job that made me feel sick to my stomach. I loved my kids, my husband, and my dogs, but didn’t like much else about my life, and didn’t like myself very much.

You see I was stuck in this web of who I thought I SHOULD be and all of the sticky strings that went with that idea kept me tied up in knots. I criticized myself constantly. I ate for comfort. I criticized myself for eating. I got caught up in whirlwinds of confusion about what I wanted to be doing with my life and felt like a failure every time I came up with an answer because I didn’t think I could change anything. I knew it was all wrong, but I had no idea where to start to fix it, and so I just trudged through, serving my family, doing my best, and not enjoying much of it very much at all.

Until one day when I walked into the office of a life coach, and I started to work through my stuff. I figured out why I was so stuck. I figured out why I was afraid to change. I figured out what I really wanted to do and stopped being so darned scared to do anything about it. I also tackled the big hurdle, how I felt about myself.

Life coaching allowed me to really live, not just muddle through, not just make the best of it, not just get by until it gets better.

I trained with Martha Beck and Susan Hyatt to become a life and weight loss coach. I learned so much and my life is completely different. I now have my own practice so I can help (mostly) women figure out what’s getting in the way of living, of thriving, of feeling free.

If that story sounds familiar, maybe it’s time for some Whole Life Coaching. Check out my programs, or just shoot me a message. I’d love to help you chart a new course!