julia-5482I am a new person.


Because after years of shoulding myself, of convincing myself, of forcing myself to be whoever it was that I thought someone, someones or everyone thought I should be… I took a breath.

Then I took a few breaths, with my eyes closed.

Then I asked myself some questions, and a small, very scared voice answered.

And I did something new. Instead of rolling my eyes at the scared little voice; instead of telling it to “Gut it up, buttercup”; instead of slaying that little voice with rational arguments, I listened.

And it turns out that small voice had some very interesting things to say. It turns out that small voice knows what makes me happy, knows how I feel about big confusing questions, knows what I should do next and where the road to freedom lies.

What a revelation. What a gift. And it’s mine whenever I want it.

The best part about that little voice? We all have one.

If it’s been a really long time since you’ve heard that voice, or if you doubt that you even have one; if you’re not sure where you want to go, but are really unhappy with the road you’re on; if you aren’t sure what the question is, but you really want an answer, I can help.

If you’re sure you want to make changes but you’re afraid to start; if you are overwhelmed by the idea of making a change; if you know you would benefit from change but believe that change is impossible, I can help.

If you’re not sure what you want, but sure like the idea of closing your eyes and breathing for a few minutes, I can help.